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0 2011-07-12 Schools in Review San Diego State University
School Type: Universities / Colleges
Locations: San Diego, CA
Degrees: Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorates
Programs: Television/Film/New Media, Communications, Engineering, Music, Interior Design, and many others (over 170 in all)
Tuition Range: $3,000 per Semester
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Located on the east side of San Diego near La Mesa, San Diego State University is a sprawling campus enrolling over 30,000 students and offering over 170 degree programs in a wide variety of fields. In addition to the more typical majors offered (e.g., Communications, Business, Music, Engineering), SDSU also offers bachelor’s and master’s programs in Television, Film and New Media (TFM). Students in TFM can choose between Critical Studies or Production, with the ability to select various areas of concentration (for example, directing, cinematography or editing). Additionally, the School of Art, Design and Art History offers students the ability to emphasize professional artistic fields such as Graphic Design and Interior Design. SDSU also hosts an extended campus in the Imperial Valley east of San Diego, offering a limited number of programs in the towns of Calexico and Brawley.

As a traditional college, SDSU’s bachelor’s programs typically require a four-year commitment to complete. As a state school, SDSU has a comparatively reasonable tuition, for California residents, at approximately $3000 per semester. Non-residents must pay an additional $372 per unit, which can add up for full-time students.


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