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0 2011-07-11 Schools in Review Digital Media Arts College (DMAC)
School Type: Trade School
Locations: Boca Raton, FL
Degrees: Bachelor's, Master's, professional certificates
Programs: Graphic Design, Computer Animation
Tuition Range: $51,000-$72,000 for degree completion
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Located in Boca Raton, Florida, Digital Media Arts College is a small, reputable, accredited college focused specifically on visual/digital media. The school’s bachelor’s degree programs are limited to Graphic Design and Computer Animation, with optional emphases on Advertising Design or Game Art. Master’s degrees are offered in Web Design and Visual Effects Animation. DMAC also provides a few short-term professional certificate programs for current professionals wishing to hone their skills in such areas as Strategic Marketing, Interactive Media, Prepress and others.

DMAC operates as a traditional college/trade school, requiring a time investment of 4-5 years for a bachelor’s degree and about two years for a master’s. Tuition is calculated by the credit hour, and is about average for a school of its type. Expect to pay about $72,000 total for a bachelor’s degree, and about $51,000 for a master’s.


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